How FLUID’s Core Tech Works


FLUID will use core MPC wallet infrastructure overlaid by a blockchain-based solution that enables near-instant pricing and cross-chain settlement between liquidity nodes and member exchanges. Live data that describe the local order books of all of FLUID’s exchange clients are read live by the system and are brought together to generate an aggregated order book. Consider an agent acting for an exchange member on FLUID. Suppose they have looked at the pooled liquidity available and compared it to the liquidity available to them on their own exchange. They assess that it will be in their interest to use FLUID’s liquidity to settle some of their local orders.
Fluid Finance achitecture components

Aggregated Order Book, Matching Engine, Smart Order Routing

They would start by creating an order on FLUID (the standard market/limit/stop order types are all supported). FLUID’s platform (universal OrderBook, Matching Engine, and Smart Order Routing) plus intelligent algorithm will decide instantaneously to accept, fill or reject the order.
Fluid Finance ecosystem structure.


The settlement of trades like these that are executed on FLUID will be paid with pre-funded balances held in multi-chain wallets. It will be necessary for both maker and taker parties on FLUID to have balances for the trades to settle against. The settlement is automated by FLUID itself, using limited privileges that allow it to transfer funds between this restricted set of wallets. FLUID clients, meanwhile, retain privileges to top-up and withdraw balances from these wallets at their discretion. It is important to note that this trade and settlement process only interacts with FLUID’s own data, and the balances held in these wallets. It will be up to individual exchanges to decide how FLUID actions integrate with their own platforms.


The FLUID platform works by:​​
  • Plugging into exchange customers’ APIs​
  • Combining liquidity from top CEXes, DEXes, and Market Makers into the universal FLUID global order book​
  • Allowing all clients (member exchanges, institutions etc) to access the FLUID proprietary global order book and display it to their traders.​
  • Instantly increasing deep liquidity for all member exchanges, liquidity seekers and providers.​
The FLUID platform provides:​
  • Optimal auto-execution of transactions via quantitative algorithm, intelligent order matching engine​, and smart order routing
  • Automated workflows for Proof of Assets and Proof of Solvency, recorded on an immutable ledger​
  • A record of all relevant data on a Federated side chain, including KYT/AML information for FINCEN/FATF “Travel Rule” compliance​