Historic Milestones and the Future Roadmap
FLUID benefits from having started its conceptual and commercial development at the end of 2018.
Product viability was thoroughly established with 20+ MOUs being signed with potential exchange clients in 2019.
2020 saw the completion of development of the platform architecture; FLUID’s aggregated order book generation and management; and FLUID’s order matching, and trade execution processes.
The new technology and development team is reviewing and refining the current architecture and design based on previous experience, by utilizing quantitative algorithm/methodology and adopting AI/ML, to make SOR more intelligent, to fully replicate global liquid from top exchanges (both CEXs and DEXs) and maker makers, and in the mean time to hedge Fluid's own risk and exposures; and by utilizing latest ultra-low latency technology, to make Fluid universal order book not only just more usable and attractive, but also to make the platform more reliable, scalable and robust.
We expect to have the alpha testing of the new platform during mid 2022, and beta testing begins in 3rd quarter 2022.
The v1 FLUID interface is also being refined, with additional features being added, like price deviation analysis.
Once fundraising closes and the TGE occurs, the next step will be to develop smart contracts in Substrate or Gossamer, integrating these with the chosen layer 2 solution, and passing all these contracts through a thorough security audit.
The current roadmap will reach its conclusion at the 1st quarter in 2023, with a completed front end, DAPP integration, a live testnet, participant onboarding, and finally, the full, mainnet launch.


Q4 2018: Inception of Idea
Q1-Q2 2019: Awarded Incubation under Tier 1 Incubator
Q3-Q4 2019: Research and Development
Q1-Q2 2020: Architecture of Platform
Q2-Q4 2020: Aggregated OrderBook and Matching Engine Implemented and Execution Complete Successfully Tested
Q1-Q3 2021: Blockchain/Wallet integration, Settlement system testing completed
Q4 2021: Development of Smart Contract System, and Security Auditing; Re-architect and Re-design FLUID platform;
2022: FLUID is TGE ready with day one utility. However, due to prevailing market conditions, FLUID is forced to postpone TGE until the market stabilizes.
Q2 2022: Complete development of frontend API (Web, Mobile, and Direct Connection), client gateway, and Matching Engine; Start testing with Exchange Test Environment
Q3 2022: Complete User management and Settlement system, Wallet integration, DAPP integration; Implement solutions for linking liquidities from decentralized exchange to Fluid Order Book; Start Alpha testing
Q4 2022: Fine-tuning order placement logic and hedging strategies with quantitative models; Utilizing AI/ML technology to improve orderbook size and depth; Start Beta testing
Q1 2023: FLUID liquidity platform production launch with liquidity from CEXes and DEXes
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