FLUID Mission
To create the industry-leading cross-chain virtual asset liquidity aggregator.
We enable access to aggregated liquidity across centralized and decentralized venues.
As the virtual asset and token space grows into a multi-trillion dollar industry, the ability to source liquidity across blockchains by exchanges and liquidity nodes efficiently, compliantly, and transparently remains a key problem to this day. Even large billion-dollar exchanges are bound to use highly inefficient, slow, and expensive liquidity providers who have high counterparty risks.
FLUID was created to disrupt these inefficient and opaque virtual asset liquidity providers with a blockchain-based frictionless solution that replicates institutional level liquidity aggregation in the global FX markets by using best-in-class MPC wallet overlaid with blockchain technology.
The ability to do this unlocks new win-win opportunities that will improve operational efficiency; lower costs; increase capital utilization; improve end-user experiences; and open new product development frontiers for exchanges, liquidity nodes and other pools of cross-chain liquidity.
These feats are made possible thanks to FLUID’s universal order book and order-matching engine. This algorithm intelligently locates all the counterparties ready to trade on the terms offered on the order, even when they are distributed over multiple exchanges.
FLUID is committed to go the distance with its exchange clients as a mature business partner. Future-facing, “travel rule” ready KYT and AML capabilities take centre place in FLUID’s design, offering clients robust regulatory compliance.
In addition to all this, FLUID’s service offerings and ecosystem are enhanced with a native utility token. This token is designed to support platform operations from the start, at launch. This native token also serves as a foundational instrument for engineering even more advanced liquidity solutions in the future, as both FLUID and the entire blockchain ecosystem as a whole begins to mature and evolve.
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