Pooling the liqudity
We have seen how liquidity pools are integral to the operation of the [cross-chain stable coin liquidity solution]. This is a specific example of how the FLUID team spotted an unmet need for liquidity and designed a mechanism to crowdsource the required assets from users, in exchange for a share of fee revenue.
Over time, the number of assets added to this direct, cross-chain swapping tool will grow, which also allows it to become usefully integrated into FLUID’s global order book system.
All this diverse transactional activity is going to generate an extraordinarily large and rich dataset.
By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to this data, FLUID is going to be able to uncover deeper, unmet liquidity needs that individual investor would not be able identify.
As FLUID’s AI algorithms discover these needs, new liquidity pools will be opened up that crowdsource the assets needed to meet them. Opportunities will be selected for their ability to generate revenue for FLUID LP, balance its portfolio risk, and also deliver an attractive APY to FLUID’s growing community of liquidity providers.
The deposit and return assets of these pools will vary by case, but will generally require deposits in the liquidity asset, and pay $FLD as a return.
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